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Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

When creating Environmentally friendly products, hard work can be undone by packaging them irresponsibly. Grizzly Bars strive to look for the most environmentally friendly packaging.

Plastic Free Soap Packaging

Often you find soap is packaged in shrink wrap plastic. This is usually down to cost but it is not ideal. Early on in the development of Grizzly Bars, I decided to commit to zero plastic waste.

When packaging products that are “single use” (I don’t mean they last one wash by this!) it is especially important not to create excessive landfill waste. The impact of using plastic packaging on products which are intended to be purchased frequently is even more critical. Plastic packaging is not as critical on products which you will only purchase once. On the other hand, plastic waste produced by products which are repeatedly bought such as food or cosmetics quickly adds up

Environmentally Friendly Packaging
Plastic Waste

The worst thing about plastic waste is that most plastics are recyclable but the infrastructure or incentives to do it is simply not present. In spite of reduced energy and material costs to recycling plastic the industry seems to not have converted yet.

By switching to plastic free products or ones which use bioplastics as a consumer, we can help to move things forwards.

Recycled Labelling

Often overlooked, labelling is something else which adds up to a degree of waste. Grizzly Bars are labelled with ink free, recycled paper. This helps to reduce environmental impact a little more.

These labels can be recycled with paper waste but do break down in landfill. More importantly they break down when they get out into the wider world.

Paper Packaging

A simple solution is to use food grade brown paper bags. We like these because they meet the requirements for packaging soap and are definitely environmentally friendly packaging.

Furthermore when combined with our labels the entire package is non toxic. This means that it can break down safely without harm.

Since this paper is not printed with inks or toner, it remains more environmentally friendly.

What about Shipping ?

When shipping products the requirements are a little different.

I chose to use biodegradable plastic for shipping. This is because it is tough enough to withstand what couriers can do on normal occasions. The added benefit is that it keeps the soaps dry in transit.

These shipping envelopes differ from normal because they do break down if they are released into nature. With many companies now offering packaging like this, It is worth the extra cost to me.

In addition, even my shipping labels are recycled paper !

The Whole Package

Grizzly Bars are packaged responsibly in every aspect. Creating luxurious packaging for someone to tear off and dispose of was never a goal for me. A good product with less waste was.

Lastly, although plastic has become a mainstream packaging material for its versatility and low cost you will find no single use none-biodegradable plastics here.

With the best intentions in the world, packaging can make its way out into nature. This is why it is important to use materials that can break down over time with little impact. Packaging made from renewable sources.

Finally, If you appreciate the effort made by me to reduce waste, check out my range of soaps to support me.

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Custom made Soaps

Custom made Soaps

If you’re looking for something a little bit different, maybe to promote your business or product, maybe I can help out. With the ability to quickly produce new moulds to your specifications and a large range of fragrances you need look no further when it comes to small batch, custom made soaps.

Custom Made Soaps
Selection of Grizzly Bars branded soaps

Designed to fit your needs

We can produce soaps in large bars up to several kg, right down to a size and shape to suit your application. For example, a large bar to be cut up and sold by weight right down to single use size soaps for hotels. In addition we can shape the bars to suit your business and add a logo.

If you feel comfortable with CAD then feel free to make your own design, otherwise I am happy to do this step for you.

How I designed my own Soap Bars

Firstly, I take the design in CAD and produce prototype bars At this stage I can add your logo to see how it fits and make any adjustments. I will also produce some samples for you to feel and make sure you’re happy with them.

Secondly, I can begin making up the moulds which your soap will be cast from. This process can take a while and requires special resins. In addition there can be a lot of work to get the moulds perfect.

Lastly, It is up to you to select from one of my existing soap recipes for the colour & fragrance you wish to produce or we can develop a new recipe to suit your needs. The range of Grizzly Bars is always expanding and you will have access to customise all these varieties.

Custom Labels to Match

In addition to custom moulds, I can make custom labels featuring your own logo and we can find packaging to suit your needs. This can be as simple or fancy as you like.

Importantly, I prefer to source environmentally friendly packaging. Labels are usually made of recycled paper and packaging kept simple. With a lot of effort being made to produce good, safe soaps it makes sense to package them responsibly.

The Simplest Solution Soaps

If you aren’t sure about the process of creating your own moulds and just want to test the market first this is also fine. I am able to provide generic soaps or trade deals on Grizzly Bars. Minimum orders start at around 1kg of each variety. However, I can produce much larger batches if required.

Importantly, we can create custom labels but our safety information will have to be displayed.

Custom making your Soaps

Get in touch via email if you wish to discuss the process or what I can do for you. If you want to try any of the soaps, they are available to buy in my shop

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Van life Soap

Van life Soap

Is Van Life Soap really a thing ? Maybe it is something we have just discovered with the new range of Grizzly Bars. Or was it planned all along…

UK Van Life

Van life in the UK

In the UK, Van Life differs greatly from that of some other countries. It isn’t practical to pull up in a huge bus sized vehicle due to the size of roads and availability of sites to accept such a large motorhome. This is where things get much more compact.

Firstly, many people choose to base their camper on a small van such as the classic VW or Ford Transit Custom. Essentially this means space is at a premium. You definitely need to pack and travel light. Secondly, this means items that are more versatile are better and in addition, items that require less energy or resources to utilise. e.g. Packing your (preferably clean) clothes into a pillow case which you can use as a pillow too.

Soap for road trips

With space and water being at a premium you need a good solid effective soap.

Grizzly Bars are good for washing face, body and hair with the added benefit of being easy to rinse. This helps to further reduce waste water when washing and save something which can be a precious resource. I may be able to go without a shower but not a coffee !

Lastly, although having your own shower is great, you will often find at some point in a road trip you will give in and go to a camp site for a little extra comfort and use of the facilities. Either way you will need something effective for washing with. Have a look at the range of soaps in my shop and take advantage of a discount to try a few different bars on your next adventure.

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Essential Oils vs Fragrance Oils

Essential Oils vs Fragrance Oils

Thinking about Natural vs Synthetic in current times seems to form an immediate impression. We automatically assume that a Natural product is better than Man Made. However, is this the case and what are the positives and negatives when it comes to Essential Oils vs Fragrance Oils.

Are Essential Oils better for the planet because they’re Natural or are Fragrance Oils better because they require less resources ?

Let’s explore as much as we can find and see what the facts are. I suspect there is no clear cut winner and it will come down to individual applications.

Essential Oils vs Fragrance Oils
Essential Oils vs Fragrance Oils

What is the Difference ?

The main difference between Essential and Fragrance Oils is that Essential = Natural and Fragrance = Synthetic. Firstly, Essential Oils are made from natural ingredients where Fragrance Oils are often synthesized.

Essential OilsFragrance Oils
Aromatic Plant PartsSynthetic components & Aromatic Plant Parts
Has natural medicinal & aromatherapeutic benefits, can have longer shelf lifeCan replicate aromas not found in nature, lower cost to produce
Can have negative side effects, generally more costly to produceUsually shorter shelf life, no medicinal benefits
Vanilla, Peppermint, LavenderCandy, Fresh Linen, Pumpkin Spice
Essential Oils vs Fragrance Oils

Medicinal or Therapeutic properties may be found in Essential Oils. Unfortunately some can also carry unwanted side effects, usually in the form of allergens. On the other hand this does not mean Fragrance oils are allergen free. Fragrance Oils can be made up of many different chemical compounds.

Both types of Oil are regulated for use within the EU and have safe limits along with guidance for safe usage.

Is one better than the other ?

This is a very hard question to answer. Furthermore, it is very subjective. In some instances you want the benefits of essential oils but not the side effects.

On the other hand you can argue that although fragrance oils are synthetic they have no impact on commercial farming. This is something I have looked into and thought about deeply without currently coming to a conclusion. Some of the soaps I make are all natural, some contain natural and some are all synthetic. Whilst farming and processing one oil may be harmful, another may be harmless and it is dependant upon the source.

Lastly, check out the range of soaps in my shop and leave me feedback on which you prefer after trying them !

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Palm Oil Free Soap

Palm Oil Free Soap

Recently Palm Oil has had a lot of bad press. This has been critical for raising awareness of the problems we have created. In Addition it means we can tackle the problems and look to alternative solutions. In this post I will talk about why Grizzly Bars only makes Palm Oil Free Soap Bars.

Palm Oil is extensively used in many cosmetic and food products. It originates from Africa and is grown in many tropical regions around the planet on a huge scale.

Palm Oil Free Soap
Fresh oil palm fruits with oil

Where does Palm Oil come from ?

Most of the worlds palm oil comes from Indonesia and Malaysia. Native to Africa, Palm oil trees (Elaeis Guineensis) thrive in tropical rainforests.

Palm oil is extracted by squeezing and compressing the palm fruit which is initially red but once refined it is a white/yellow colour resembling other solid oils. Palm kernels can also be refined to extract more oil.

Is palm oil good for the skin ?

Commonly used to produce many skin care products from soap to shower gels to luxury moisturisers. But is it actually good for the skin ?

Raw palm oil may have benefits to the skin. It is an antioxidant and is known to reduce signs of aging. However, this is not the palm oil you would typically find in skin care products. And also, a major reason why I produce palm oil free soap.

Refined palm oil lacks many of the benefits of raw palm oil. Furthermore, palm oil can be further refined down into SLS which is associated with causing cancer. Although that is a whole other topic for another day. Importantly these refined derivatives of palm oil can be harsh chemicals known to excessively strip the skin of natural oils and nutrients.

While palm oil alone is not the worst thing to put on your skin, many commercially produced cleansers contain too much as it is a cheap ingredient.

Palm Oil Free Soaps in Conclusion

By choosing a palm oil free soap you reduce the likelihood of potentially damaging chemicals. Grab a Grizzly Bar (or selection of) today and cleanse your skin with something better. All Grizzly Bars are free from Palm Oil and hand made in the UK.

Lastly, in addition you are helping the environment by reducing your reliance on Palm Oil.

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Charcoal Soap

All About Charcoal Soap

There is a bit of a trend for using Activated Charcoal in cosmetics. Here I explain why it is a great addition to soap and why you should give it a try. This article is all about the benefits of Charcoal Soap and why it is worth a go.

What is Activated Charcoal ?

Firstly, Activated Charcoal is not something you can scoop out of a barbeque. Activated Charcoal is made by heating charcoal in the presence of a gas. This process creates lots of pores and internal spaces. These spaces help to trap dirt and chemicals. In addition Activated charcoal is usually created from Bamboo, Wood, Coal, or Coconut Shells.

Essentially, Activated Charcoal is a super absorbent cleaner which can remove toxins from your skin. Due to the increased surface area, created from processing raw charcoal at a high heat, activated charcoal has a much larger surface area.

Activated Charcoal
Activated Charcoal

What does Charcoal Soap do for my skin ?

Firstly, there are many benefits to using charcoal soap for the skin. Studies have proven many of the benefits and research is still ongoing. However Activated Charcoal has been used for many years.

Deep Cleansing & Removing Impurities

Charcoal is used to remove impurities and dirt from the skin. This helps to improve the skins texture and appearance. Studies have proven that charcoal can be effective at removing dead skin cells. Furthermore this helps to clear pores and ultimately reduce their size.

Eliminating excess oil

Oils produced by the body are essential for protecting and hydrating the skin. However, excess oil can cause the skin to appear shiny, clog pores and cause spots to develop. Many people have reported that charcoal can soak up these excess oils and leave a healthy, clear complexion.

Clearing Blemishes and Acne

Furthermore, Activated Charcoal Soap can reduce blackheads, acne or spots by effectively clearing excess oil. When used for washing daily for 1 month during a study in 2021, most people found it brightened their skin without irritation.

Can I use Charcoal Soap Daily ?

The majority of people find that washing daily with charcoal soap can improve their skin. Unlike some other cleaning agents, Charcoal is unlikely to cause irritation but can dry some types of skin when used every day.

Grab a bar and give it a try. If you find your skin starts to dry then switch to another ones of out soaps that doesn’t contain charcoal or alternate between a few different bars. All of our soaps are great for daily use to wash your body and hair.

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Adventure Soap

Adventure Soap Bars

Our Adventure soap bars have been formulated to do what they say on the label. Be great for adventures.

With carefully selected ingredients to combat washing needs when on the road, Adventure Soap will soon become a reliable regular on your kit list. A hard soap packed with powerful ingredients make this a true utility soap. You can use this soap for:

  • Washing your body
  • Shampoo for hair
  • Wet Shaving
  • Insect repellent

Utility Soap

Although this soap is great for and has been formulated to work well for a life on the road it is a great addition to your gym bag too and can also be used daily.

The balance of ingredients in these charcoal based soap bars make them excellent all rounders. Having one single washing solution in a compact bar means you can simplify your wash kit and travel lighter. Another added bonus is being aware of how much you have left at all times. One product that has many uses enables you to carry less. Grab a bar today and try it at home before taking it out on the road.

Not only does this soap smell good but a carefully selected blend of ingredients make this soap a great all rounder. You can read more about the ingredients by clicking here

Adventure Soap Summary

Finally, like the rest of the soaps in the Grizzly Bars range, Adventure is not tested on animals, contains no SLS or Palm Oil and has no single use plastic packaging. Being vegetable based it is suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.

Check out the range of soaps in my store, add 3 or more to your basket and take advantage of a discount

In Addition, If you really love my soap, become an Affiliate. Finally, don’t forget to check out Grizzly Wears for my range of sustainable clothing.