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Van life Soap

Van life Soap

Is Van Life Soap really a thing ? Maybe it is something we have just discovered with the new range of Grizzly Bars. Or was it planned all along…

UK Van Life

Van life in the UK

In the UK, Van Life differs greatly from that of some other countries. It isn’t practical to pull up in a huge bus sized vehicle due to the size of roads and availability of sites to accept such a large motorhome. This is where things get much more compact.

Firstly, many people choose to base their camper on a small van such as the classic VW or Ford Transit Custom. Essentially this means space is at a premium. You definitely need to pack and travel light. Secondly, this means items that are more versatile are better and in addition, items that require less energy or resources to utilise. e.g. Packing your (preferably clean) clothes into a pillow case which you can use as a pillow too.

Soap for road trips

With space and water being at a premium you need a good solid effective soap.

Grizzly Bars are good for washing face, body and hair with the added benefit of being easy to rinse. This helps to further reduce waste water when washing and save something which can be a precious resource. I may be able to go without a shower but not a coffee !

Lastly, although having your own shower is great, you will often find at some point in a road trip you will give in and go to a camp site for a little extra comfort and use of the facilities. Either way you will need something effective for washing with. Have a look at the range of soaps in my shop and take advantage of a discount to try a few different bars on your next adventure.