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Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

When creating Environmentally friendly products, hard work can be undone by packaging them irresponsibly. Grizzly Bars strive to look for the most environmentally friendly packaging.

Plastic Free Soap Packaging

Often you find soap is packaged in shrink wrap plastic. This is usually down to cost but it is not ideal. Early on in the development of Grizzly Bars, I decided to commit to zero plastic waste.

When packaging products that are “single use” (I don’t mean they last one wash by this!) it is especially important not to create excessive landfill waste. The impact of using plastic packaging on products which are intended to be purchased frequently is even more critical. Plastic packaging is not as critical on products which you will only purchase once. On the other hand, plastic waste produced by products which are repeatedly bought such as food or cosmetics quickly adds up

Environmentally Friendly Packaging
Plastic Waste

The worst thing about plastic waste is that most plastics are recyclable but the infrastructure or incentives to do it is simply not present. In spite of reduced energy and material costs to recycling plastic the industry seems to not have converted yet.

By switching to plastic free products or ones which use bioplastics as a consumer, we can help to move things forwards.

Recycled Labelling

Often overlooked, labelling is something else which adds up to a degree of waste. Grizzly Bars are labelled with ink free, recycled paper. This helps to reduce environmental impact a little more.

These labels can be recycled with paper waste but do break down in landfill. More importantly they break down when they get out into the wider world.

Paper Packaging

A simple solution is to use food grade brown paper bags. We like these because they meet the requirements for packaging soap and are definitely environmentally friendly packaging.

Furthermore when combined with our labels the entire package is non toxic. This means that it can break down safely without harm.

Since this paper is not printed with inks or toner, it remains more environmentally friendly.

What about Shipping ?

When shipping products the requirements are a little different.

I chose to use biodegradable plastic for shipping. This is because it is tough enough to withstand what couriers can do on normal occasions. The added benefit is that it keeps the soaps dry in transit.

These shipping envelopes differ from normal because they do break down if they are released into nature. With many companies now offering packaging like this, It is worth the extra cost to me.

In addition, even my shipping labels are recycled paper !

The Whole Package

Grizzly Bars are packaged responsibly in every aspect. Creating luxurious packaging for someone to tear off and dispose of was never a goal for me. A good product with less waste was.

Lastly, although plastic has become a mainstream packaging material for its versatility and low cost you will find no single use none-biodegradable plastics here.

With the best intentions in the world, packaging can make its way out into nature. This is why it is important to use materials that can break down over time with little impact. Packaging made from renewable sources.

Finally, If you appreciate the effort made by me to reduce waste, check out my range of soaps to support me.