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Palm Oil Free Soap

Palm Oil Free Soap

Recently Palm Oil has had a lot of bad press. This has been critical for raising awareness of the problems we have created. In Addition it means we can tackle the problems and look to alternative solutions. In this post I will talk about why Grizzly Bars only makes Palm Oil Free Soap Bars.

Palm Oil is extensively used in many cosmetic and food products. It originates from Africa and is grown in many tropical regions around the planet on a huge scale.

Palm Oil Free Soap
Fresh oil palm fruits with oil

Where does Palm Oil come from ?

Most of the worlds palm oil comes from Indonesia and Malaysia. Native to Africa, Palm oil trees (Elaeis Guineensis) thrive in tropical rainforests.

Palm oil is extracted by squeezing and compressing the palm fruit which is initially red but once refined it is a white/yellow colour resembling other solid oils. Palm kernels can also be refined to extract more oil.

Is palm oil good for the skin ?

Commonly used to produce many skin care products from soap to shower gels to luxury moisturisers. But is it actually good for the skin ?

Raw palm oil may have benefits to the skin. It is an antioxidant and is known to reduce signs of aging. However, this is not the palm oil you would typically find in skin care products. And also, a major reason why I produce palm oil free soap.

Refined palm oil lacks many of the benefits of raw palm oil. Furthermore, palm oil can be further refined down into SLS which is associated with causing cancer. Although that is a whole other topic for another day. Importantly these refined derivatives of palm oil can be harsh chemicals known to excessively strip the skin of natural oils and nutrients.

While palm oil alone is not the worst thing to put on your skin, many commercially produced cleansers contain too much as it is a cheap ingredient.

Palm Oil Free Soaps in Conclusion

By choosing a palm oil free soap you reduce the likelihood of potentially damaging chemicals. Grab a Grizzly Bar (or selection of) today and cleanse your skin with something better. All Grizzly Bars are free from Palm Oil and hand made in the UK.

Lastly, in addition you are helping the environment by reducing your reliance on Palm Oil.