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UK Soap Subscription

UK Soap Subscription

If you’re looking for a UK Soap Subscription to get British, Hand Made, Good Quality, Long Lasting Bar Soap then look no further.

Grizzly Bars are hand made in Yorkshire. Furthermore they are suitable for Vegans, all skin types and even work well as shampoo. Sign up today and save with our monthly subscriptions.

Your Choice

Select any soap you like from the full range of Grizzly Bars. If you’re going away on holiday, why not try a bar of Adventure. This is a great cleaner, infused with charcoal, tea tree and lemongrass it is suitable for face, body & hair and will keep you feeling fresh. Need a boost on a morning ? Try Energise. With a powerful blend of mint and citrus to get you going.

If you aren’t sure which soap you want then pick a couple you do like and select some surprise bars. Our Subscriptions are flexible and you can change them yourself at any time.