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Custom made Soaps

Custom made Soaps

If you’re looking for something a little bit different, maybe to promote your business or product, maybe I can help out. With the ability to quickly produce new moulds to your specifications and a large range of fragrances you need look no further when it comes to small batch, custom made soaps.

Custom Made Soaps
Selection of Grizzly Bars branded soaps

Designed to fit your needs

We can produce soaps in large bars up to several kg, right down to a size and shape to suit your application. For example, a large bar to be cut up and sold by weight right down to single use size soaps for hotels. In addition we can shape the bars to suit your business and add a logo.

If you feel comfortable with CAD then feel free to make your own design, otherwise I am happy to do this step for you.

How I designed my own Soap Bars

Firstly, I take the design in CAD and produce prototype bars At this stage I can add your logo to see how it fits and make any adjustments. I will also produce some samples for you to feel and make sure you’re happy with them.

Secondly, I can begin making up the moulds which your soap will be cast from. This process can take a while and requires special resins. In addition there can be a lot of work to get the moulds perfect.

Lastly, It is up to you to select from one of my existing soap recipes for the colour & fragrance you wish to produce or we can develop a new recipe to suit your needs. The range of Grizzly Bars is always expanding and you will have access to customise all these varieties.

Custom Labels to Match

In addition to custom moulds, I can make custom labels featuring your own logo and we can find packaging to suit your needs. This can be as simple or fancy as you like.

Importantly, I prefer to source environmentally friendly packaging. Labels are usually made of recycled paper and packaging kept simple. With a lot of effort being made to produce good, safe soaps it makes sense to package them responsibly.

The Simplest Solution Soaps

If you aren’t sure about the process of creating your own moulds and just want to test the market first this is also fine. I am able to provide generic soaps or trade deals on Grizzly Bars. Minimum orders start at around 1kg of each variety. However, I can produce much larger batches if required.

Importantly, we can create custom labels but our safety information will have to be displayed.

Custom making your Soaps

Get in touch via email if you wish to discuss the process or what I can do for you. If you want to try any of the soaps, they are available to buy in my shop

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