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Earn a Passive Income

Earn a Passive Income

If you love doing something and sharing your story over social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. Why not Earn a Passive Income from it ?

I’m going to start at the real basics here. Then work my way through as much as I can.

What is a “Passive Income” ?

A passive income is a method of earning money for something after you have done one initial piece of work. Essentially a way of earning money without spending additional time.

In this day and age a true way of earning a passive income is often misunderstood and misled. For example, renting a property is described as a passive income but in reality it is a lot of financial expense and time. In reality if you can grow a decent following on social media it will possibly take less time, definitely cost less money and potentially generate more income than letting your house.

Think about the reach and channels you already have. Is this something you actively want to grow. Do you not want to go further than friends & family. Either way this is OK.

What is Affiliate Marketing ?

Affiliate Marketing is a way of earning a passive income. Furthermore it is one of the easiest ways to earn a passive income.

In our Affiliate program, we do all the hard work. We make all the soaps, we package them, we store them, then ship them. All you need to do as an affiliate is put your creative hat on, add a link or caption to your website, videos, emails, social posts and visit your dashboard to see how much money you are earning. You don’t have to do something grand every time, it could be as easy as creating a short video to add to your regular videos or dropping a section with your link on to your website.

Why would you pay me for this ?

Paid advertising costs a fortune. In addition it yields terrible results and we are lucky to even cover the costs of it. Rather than spend all of our profits fuelling large companies I choose to give that money back to the content creators. Some of the best content at the moment comes via real creative people on YouTube so I would prefer to help you achieve your goals in return for a little advertising.

If you think Grizzly Bars fits your lifestyle and ethics then why not have a go. Furthermore, with a brand that clicks with you, it is likely to resonate with your audience.

Affiliate marketing means I do not have to raise my prices to cover costly adverts. In current times this is important to me, I feel as though sustainable products should be available for everybody. By raising prices to customers we are potentially excluding people from being able to afford certain items. This is a strong reason for us to use more cost effective methods and find ways of reducing cost to sustain our value to customers.

Finally, I am also terrible at advertising. Finding time to get creative and do something is hard work when running a business. At this moment I don’t have the biggest following on Instagram and find it hard to make time to grow. Currently this is OK, my job is to build a brand. Although this is hard work it is a lot easier with support from great people to help me reach a larger audience. In addition, I am not at the stage of being able to employ a marketing team so every little helps.

Who does Affiliate Marketing work for ?

No matter the size of your audience or chosen platform, Affiliate marketing can work for you. All I ask for is a little time and in return you can start to earn a passive income.

In addition to paying, we will start to add a library of resources for Affiliates to make your tasks easier. Although I do enjoy the unique creativity and spin each one of you can add to our products and feel this will give more effective results for you in the long term.

Our affiliate program is currently open to everybody. Sign up today and try it out for yourself.

How much of a passive income can I earn ?

There are no limits. With this affiliate program you will earn as much as you can sell for us. The Sky really is the limit and if you have a large reach on any platform you could potentially earn a lot of money. Many people do this for a full time living and earn a competitive income from it. Although I can’t guarantee how much you will make, I can promise that you will be able to track your earnings and I will pay as much as I can reasonably afford to.

For all soaps I am offering a larger percentage than I make after postage, VAT and corporation tax. There is of course the cost of maintaining the equipment and ingredients to make my soaps. As I said earlier, I would much rather pay real people to do what they love than fund large organisations.

Earning a Passive Income in Summary

If you want to earn an ongoing income with no limits then why not sign up for free and see how you get along.

Invest a little time and it could pay off greatly in the long term. Invest more time and this could pay a full living wage for you. In preference I would prefer to fund your hobby over lining the pockets of a large advertising platform. I have previously fallen for this and seen no results.

Lastly, please try our new range of soaps, these will be gradually released over the coming months and it would be awesome to see some great content featuring it.

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