Grizzly Bars

Grizzly Bars are Hand Made in North Yorkshire, UK from Natural Ingredients.

Great for daily use as Soap & Shampoo. Furthermore as Grizzly Bars are made from natural ingredients, they work well with sensitive skin. Our large variety of fragrances ensures there is something for Every Body.

All Bar Soaps work well as Shampoo and are even great for shaving too. Pick up a bar or two today to take along on your next adventure !

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Good Quality Soap, Nothing Else.

All Bar Soaps in the current range share the same high quality base recipe. This is Cruelty Free, contains no SLS or Palm Oil and is suitable for Vegans.

Our high performing vegetable based soaps will leave you feeling clean and revitalised and with the ever expanding range of scents there is hopefully something everybody will like. They’re great for people with sensitive skin or skin conditions and require less water than most other bar soaps and shower gels to rinse off.

All current Soaps are also suitable to be used as Shampoo. This is so you can grab 1 bar to do it all, especially when travelling light. Check out the Grizzly Bars Shop today.

Grizzly Wears

If you love the soaps I make, please check out my other items and range of sustainable clothing over at Grizzly Wears.

You can also find me and the Grizzly Bars at events with my Pop Up Shop. Or see where I am with my Events Calendar.