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Soap of the Month

Soap of the Month

Come back each month and save with my Soap of the Month offer. Each month you can try a different Soap Bar until you find the one you love.

Monthly Special Offer Soap Bar

I try and mix up the soap on offer as much as possible but some will come back more often due to stock levels. On the plus side if its one you like then you can indulge and save frequently. And you even still get free UK postage on your cheap soap bar !

You can take advantage of the multibuy offer with the monthly special and mix & match with any of the other soaps in the range. Why not check out some of my best sellers ?


Due to the popularity of this offer, I have had to introduce a limit of 5 bars per order. This is because I am unable to maintain stock levels and keep up with demand when large orders are placed. This limit is intended to increase the duration I can sustain the special offers and hopefully make what I have last until the end of the month.