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Unscented Soap

Unscented Soap

Many soap makers today concentrate on the fancier soaps and overlook a simple, plain, good quality soap. This is why we make Simplicity. An unscented soap that is our pure base recipe with no added extras.

A great yet simple solution for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

Simplest Solution

Early on I decided that a soap made only of our base recipe with no additions would be a great addition. If you have sensitive skin then this is a great starting point in the search for your every day soap. As there are no unnecessary items added then it is easy to evaluate whether this soap will work for your skin or not.

If this soap works for you then great. Grab another bar or two and try some more in our range.

No Harsh Chemicals

As none of our soaps contain SLS or SLES, they are fantastic for sensitive skin. Our base recipe is mostly vegetable based so along with the benefits to the environment, it is gentler on your skin.

SLS is commonly used in most cosmetic products today. However, it is derived from Palm Oil and has been linked to skin cancer. For this reason we avoid it and use more natural solutions to produce the same effects.

Trying More Variants

With all of our Soaps using the same base recipe and then having extra ingredients added, You know that any problems are down to certain ingredients and not the soap.

Some of our recipes even have added ingredients which are known to be good for the skin. Mostly in the form of Essential Oils. Adventure is a powerful cleaner but may dry the skin when used every day. Recover has a blend of oils that are known to heal skin.