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Why we prefer Affiliates to Paid Advertising

Why we prefer Affiliates to Paid Advertising

With paid advertising it is a very competitive area. A lot of the money is simply wasted and there is little reward. In building this business I have decided to go purely down the affiliate marketing route. This post is all about Why we prefer Affiliates to Paid Advertising.

What are the Advantages of Affiliate Programs ?

It is easy to assume that an Affiliate Program is simply cheaper than Paid Advertising. It is but this is not all about money. When we use Affiliates there is an inherent level of trust between the advertiser and the potential customer. We also reach a greater audience and get seen in markets wider than if we pay for a specific set of keywords in Google. In addition we pay enthusiasts and content creators rather than one large corporation. Affiliates can add their own level of creativity and appeal to a wider audience.

  • More cost effective than paid advertising.
  • Helping Real people to fund their Hobbies.
  • Greater Reach.
  • Larger variation of advertising.
  • Honest reviews and opinions.
  • Help upcoming Athletes gain experience of marketing.
  • Make the effects of Social Media more visible.

What are the Advantages for Affiliates ?

Our Affiliates will earn a percentage of all sales generated through the links they publish.

You want more ? OK… The best performing Affiliates each year will be rewarded for all their hard work. In addition we will give out samples and pre-release products to some of our Affiliates. There will be a discount scheme coming. You also get to smell nice.

Being an Affiliate can be a very easy way to earn money. If you already have a following on Social Media then this could be a very easy way to generate some extra income. There is also no financial outlay, no minimum requirements and no commitment to carry on in the event you decide this is not for you. However, you could generate a very good passive income and fund what you love doing most.

What is wrong with Paid Advertising ?

The problem I found with paid advertising is that there is usually little reward for a large outlay. It is very difficult to break even, sometimes you even lose money. Advertising is not as trustworthy as a recommendation from a real person too.

Paid Advertising does work for some people but personally, I find you have to throw a lot of money at it. I would rather give this money to real people and support others. Furthermore without a huge advertising I can keep prices for consumers fairly low which benefits everybody. I have been down the route of paid advertising with my main website and found benefits to be very minimal.

In summary the biggest reason why we prefer Affiliates to Paid Advertising is to give back to real people rather than to hand lots of money to a company.

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