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Becoming an Affiliate

Becoming an Affiliate

Early on I decided the best way to promote this venture was to give back to the enthusiasts. This is why there is an affiliate program. Why not support the people who love adventures by paying for marketing ? This is all about Becoming an Affiliate.

Why would I want to become an Affiliate ?

If you love what you do and want to earn an extra bit of money to support you in doing what you do then this is an ideal opportunity for you. You will earn a percentage of every sale made through your own links. You can monitor how much you make through the dashboard on this website and see how much you can earn. It is free to sign up and there are no minimum requirements for number of posts/type of posts. You just do you.

Earning money with no strings attached is a rare opportunity. You will get back as much as you put into this. It will help to already have a huge following on social media but this is not a requirement. It really is as simple as spreading your referral link around and making some money from all the sales you generate.

OK, What do I need to do ?

You simply have to sign up for an account on this website. Generate an Affiliate link on the dashboard. Send it to friends, family, followers and earn a portion of all the purchases they make.

There is no need to post updates on a schedule, do a minimum amount of work or deal with posting/packing/stocking.

Important Links:

What If I sell the most in a year ?

If you perform well we will give extra rewards, If you are the best there is definitely a bonus/prize to be earned which will be determined by overall sales.

Some of the best performing affiliates will be selected to receive samples ahead of launch and other freebies. In addition we are looking towards moving some of the best affiliates over to where you can also earn money by promoting our range of sustainable clothing.

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