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Soap for New Tattoos

Soap for New Tattoos

If you’ve landed here you are probably all too aware of the discomfort of a new tattoo and want something to promote healing. Fear not, I will go through all the essential oils that help to heal new tattoos faster and list all of the Grizzly Bars which contain them. This is all about Soap for New Tattoos.

Often overlooked due to the excitement of getting a tattoo, proper aftercare can help to promote healing and reduce itchiness. Essential Oils can be great for helping to heal tattoos in many ways, so if you have just got a new tattoo then why not consider a couple of Grizzly Bars to help you through the initial healing phase.

I would however, recommend that you use the soap beforehand to make sure there are no allergies or adverse reactions to the ingredients before it is used on broken skin. Lastly, while these are not clinically tested, Essential Oils which are contained in these soaps have been used for these properties for many years

Essential Oils for Healing

Essential Oils have been utilised for their healing properties for many years. Dating back to 4500BC when the Ancient Egyptians started using them in cosmetics and ointments. With such a long lasting legacy it seems that they’re a great choice even today.

The main selection of oils I will cover here are:

  • Tea Tree
  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus
  • Peppermint

When it comes to healing properties these are the most applicable.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Well known for its use in skincare, Tea Tree Oil’s anti-inflammatory properties can reduce irritation, redness and swelling. This can be great for when itchy scabs begin to form.

Washing new tattoos with Tea Tree Oil soap can help to relieve the urge to scratch and sooth irritation. Our Soap which contains Tea Tree Essential Oil is Adventure

Soap for New Tattoos

Lavender Essential Oil

This fantastic solution from nature provides many great benefits. In this application though it can be applied for calming and pain-killing properties.

Also containing SPF to help protect tattoos from long term sun damage, Lavender can reduce physical paint and suffering by promoting relaxation.

You can find Lavender Essential Oil in our Recover and Daydream bar soaps.

Soap for New Tattoos
Soap for New Tattoos

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus Essential Oil contains a compound called cineole/eucalyptol. This compound is known for its anti inflammatory, antibacterial and analgesic properties and is also widely used to aid wound healing and provide pain relief.

According to research, Eucalyptus can encourage ceramide production which keeps the skin hydrated, reduces inflammation and helps to stop collagen breakdown.

This Essential Oil can be found in the Grizzly Bars Refresh and once again in Recover

Soap for New Tattoos

Peppermint Essential Oil

Experience a cooling sensation with this powerful essential oil. Peppermint can reduce itching and inflammation.

Try this Essential Oil to soothe burning and irritated skin. Once again this can be found in our powerful minty blend Refresh.

No Harsh Chemicals

As our Base Recipe contains no SLS, SLES or Palm Oil, it is a great, environmentally friendly yet powerful cleanser for daily use. Check out the Shop and order a couple bars for your daily cleaning routine. All are also suitable for use as Shampoo and don’t leave a residue behind.


To conclude, there are 4 great Grizzly Bar Soaps for New Tattoos containing essential Oils that can help to heal and recover your skin.

In Addition they are great for your skin longer term and can be used daily.