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Special Offers on Soaps

Special Offers on Soaps

From time to time we may offer discounts on our soaps. Generally because our prices are pretty low in comparison to competitors and we already have a multibuy discount this will not be too often. However, we will partner with others to offer some awesome bundle deals. Find out all about our Special Offers on Soaps.

Why don’t you do Special Offers more Often ?

The truth is, I don’t make that much on soap anyway. Especially when I sell only one bar at a time and have to pay postage and packing. This is why the multibuy discount exists. It is more cost effective for me to post out multiple bars rather than a single bar each time. Multibuy discounts will automatically apply in the Shop

I prefer to do partner offers and bundle soaps with other items as sales of one single bar of soap just about cover the cost currently.

Can you do Armed Forces Discount ?

This may be something introduced further down the line over a certain minimum spend. Currently I would start to lose money if I offered any significant discounts.

What about NHS Discount ?

Same as above, This is something I will look into further down the line but in the current way the business operates our prices don’t leave a lot of room for discounts.

What are the current Special Offers & Discounts ?

Currently, some of our soaps are available at in bundles with clothing.

When we sell at events the prices are a little less to compensate for the cost of post and packaging. You can see where we will be in the Events Calendar.

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