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Soap Bars Without Palm Oil

Soap Bars Without Palm Oil


Palm Oil has been a key ingredient of bar soap for many years. This is down to its characteristics and ability to produce good soaps. However, with the issues caused by palm oil production we have decided to exclude palm oil and all derivatives of it from Grizzly Bars. Furthermore we have also created our soap base without SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) or SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate).

Soap Bars Without Palm Oil

Why Exclude SLS/SLES from Soap ?

SLS and SLES are both produced from Palm Oil. Although many manufacturers may create soap and claim it does not contain Palm Oil, this is not entirely true. Presence of either of these would indicate that palm oil has been used in the production of the cosmetic product.

In addition to being a palm oil derivative, SLS is know to cause skin problems for some people and has also been linked to being a cause of skin cancer. While the verdict on this is currently not fully known we would still prefer to not use it in Grizzly Bars.

Is it Possible to create Soap without Palm Oil ?

Absolutely Yes. Our soap has all the performance with none of the environmental issues from using Palm Oil. It is cheaper to produce soap by using palm oil but we don’t see this as the way forwards.

Soap Bars without Palm Oil are still in the minority but appearing more frequently now. Take that step away from cheaply made soaps and move towards better quality products with less environmental impact today. Grizzly Bars don’t even come in plastic packaging. Our shipping envelopes are made from biodegradable and recyclable plastic derived from corn starch.