Here I will answer the top burning Questions about Grizzly Bars. This the the Grizzly Bars FAQ page !

What is a Grizzly Bar ?

A Grizzly Bar is a high quality, vegetable based soap bar. There are currently 12 variants available but this is quickly growing.

How big is a Grizzly Bar ?

The Standard size for a Grizzly bar is about 70mm x 70mm and a depth of approximately 23mm. This makes for the optimal sized bar, big enough to last, compact enough to take with you.

Moving forwards there may be some tiny versions and possibly a much larger bar

What is the weight of a Grizzly Bar ?

There is a little variation in the bars as they are all hand made and poured by eye but they all tend to be over 100g.

How long does a Grizzly Bar last ?

It depends how often and how much you use but as a rough guide they should last at least a week. Showering once a day and washing body & hair you should be able to squeeze an entire month of washes out of a single bar if you look after it.